I do not think that this is a general problem. I copy and
paste tables with their anchored frames (with text frames
and cross-references in them) all the time, and I did not
encounter any numbering problems.

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> Paul Findon wrote on 05/24/2006 01:11:11 PM:
> > I usually copy and paste an anchored frame that already has the
> > settings I want, delete what's in it, then import the new graphic.
> > Paul
> Copying anchored frames may result in numbering madness. Well, in our
> case, anchored frames include text frames for the captions. 
> Occasionally,
> copying the frames results in a file with broken numbering. 
> Ultimately,
> the only fix is to recreate all frames from the scratch from 
> the position
> at which the numbering breaks. Saving to MIF doesn't seem to work.
> To eliminate the drudgery of inserting frames, try FrameScript....
> Eric L. Dunn
> Senior Technical Writer

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