The real issue is that the end of flow marker (the section symbol ?) ending the 
final paragraph can not be conditionalized, or more accurately, can not be 

If that final paragraph has an autonumber format, I think the solution of an 
unnumbered empty paragraph is a better choice as it seems equally possible that 
the preceding numbered paragraph will need to be in the same condition as the 
last numbered one, and you are in the same situation. 

- Lester 
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On Monday, May 29, 2006 06:51 PM, rebecca officer wrote:

| Hi Winfried
| A thin blank line isn't quite the only fix. You can also try 
| conditioning the paragraph mark of the *second-last* 
| paragraph in the same way as the last paragraph. That way, 
| when you hide the last paragraph, you also hide a paragraph mark.
| I think this only works if the last 2 paragraphs are tagged 
| with the same paragraph tag, and it's definitely a pain to 
| create and maintain, and it doesn't work if every paragraph 
| in the flow is conditioned - but it is an alternative approach.
| Cheers, Rebecca 
| >>> "Reng, Winfried" <wreng at> 29/05/06 20:31 >>>
| Hi,
| When the last paragraph in a text flow has autonumbering applied,
| and you hide it with a condition, only the text part gets hidden.
| The autonumbering is still there (together with the paragraph mark).
| The only fix is to insert a paragraph (preferably with a very small
| font size of 2 pt) without autonumbering after the one with
| autonumbering.
| Best regards
| Winfried
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| > I am using Framemaker 7.2 on a Win XP SP2 platform. I have limited
| > experience with conditional text and have to maintain a user guide
| > for two rather similar products. I have been able designate text 
| > conditional. My only problem has been to designate graphic captions
| > as conditional. My graphic captions paragraph style contains an
| > automatically generated numbering scheme. When I set a graphic and
| > caption as conditional, the graphic (frame) and the caption title
| > disappear. However the graphic number (Figure X.X) does not.
| > How can I use conditional text to eliminate the graphic caption
| > and maintain my numbering scheme?
| > 
| > Any clues who be appreciated,
| > 
| > Thanks in advance,
| > 
| > AK

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