At 05:58 -0700 30/5/06, Peter Courlis wrote:

>Frequently, I find on EBay, an upgrade software package that will allow 
>upgrading FM'er to vers. 7.1... However, I have not been able to determine 
>what "basic version" this upgrade applies to... For example, will the FM'er 
>Upgrade 7.1 bring a basic version 6.0, up to 7.1? Or stretching the point, 
>will that vers. 7.1 Upgrade software bring FM'er vers. 5.5 up to the 7.1 level?

Afaik either should be the case. I believe the only requirement is a valid 
Adobe FrameMaker license number. YMMV for pre-Adobe versions though ;-)
Steve [who recently upgraded from 6 to 7 via eBay]

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