Three follow-up points:

1) If you are creating PDF, you *should* be using the "Adobe PDF"
printer driver. Some people insist that they must use the printer driver
for the actual output device that thei print vendor will be using, but
this is faulty logic and it undercuts the foundation of PDF portability.

2) The Black & White vs. Color printer property setting only exists for
the Adobe PDF printer driver. Drivers for monochrome printers don't
provide the option because they know nothing about color. Drivers
for color printers *might* offer it, but I've never seen one that does;
they all assume that if you're printing to a color printer you want color
output and if you wanted black & white you'd be printing your job
to a cheaper and faster monochrome printer.

3) The Black & White vs. Color printer property setting *will* have
the desired result for TIFF graphics, but will *not* affect EPS or PDF
graphic objects. The reason is that the printer driver never processes
the PostScript code embedded in those graphics; it just passes it
through into the PostScript output stream. If the EPS or PDF contains
color information, that is passed to the PostScript stream unchanged
regardless of the B&W/Color setting.

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder
Parsippany, NJ

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>Subject: RE: PDF (Color to B/W?)
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>If you are using the Adobe PDF print driver, under the Properties tab
>should be a selection for B/W or Color. If you aren't using the Adobe
>PDF driver, check the Properties options of the driver you are using.
>There should be a similar option.
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>Our content development team produces a myriad of training materials.
>Our printed materials are produced via Frame 7.2. The graphics are
>grayscale TIF files (which works best in print production). In many
>cases, I am presented with color graphics (JPG or PNG files), which I
>convert to the grayscale TIF format, then import into Frame. The final
>PDF is created using Distiller and everything is hunky-dory, but we are
>now maintaining two versions of the same graphic - one in PNG or JPG and
>one in TIF.
>What we'd ultimately like to do is single-source the color graphic files
>and convert them to grayscale TIF when the PDF is generated. Is there
>anyway to automate this process?
>Thanks for any and all feedback!
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