A big thanks to everyone who responded. The solutions you provided
dead-on. Setting up a right-aligned tab stop to get the decimal points to
line up, then
setting up a left-aligned tab stop to set spacing between the decimal point
and the
text that followed was exactly what I was looking for. I reduced the number
of paragraph
tags I needed from three to one!

For anyone else that might be looking for a solution like this, here's what
I ended up with (in a nutshell):

 In Paragraph Designer, on the Basic Sheet:

*Tab Stops*:
.5 R   (this corresponds to the first tab on the Numbering sheet)
.6 L   (this corresponds to the second tab on the Numbering sheet)
*Under Indents:
First = 0
Left = .6  (this should match the Left tab stop setting so that all lines in
               paragraph line up with the first line of the paragraph)

On the Numbering Sheet:




On 5/30/06, Andy Kelsall <andy.kelsall at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
>         I'm writing a step procedure that involves over 10 steps. I have
> set up one paragraph tag named
> StepFirst, and another paragraph tag (for all subsequent steps) named
> StepNext. The problem is, the
> decimal points won't line up between the single-digit steps and the
> double-digit steps.
>         One solution I used was to create a paragraph tag named StepNexta
> (with a first indent of .5 and a
> left indent of .72) for steps numbered 1-9, and another tag named
> StepNextb (with a first indent of .4 and a
> left indent of .7) for all numbered steps above 9. This allows all decimal
> points to line up. Is this an acceptable
> way of getting the decimal points to line up, or is there a better way to
> do this?
> Thanks,
> Andy

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