I believe if you set your Adobe printer / Distiller job preferences to
black and white (turn off color), it doesn't matter.  Color plates
would only be generated if you had color On.


On 11/1/06, Steve Rickaby <srickaby at wordmongers.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear Framers
> For a non-color book, FrameMaker offers you several ways of creating 
> half-tones. For example, you can:
> . Use the predefined Grays library in the color picker
> . Create your own gray from C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:whatever
> . Use a percentage black fill on an object, such as a graphic or a table cell
> There may be more. My question is, what is the recommended technique that 
> will result is a pre-press PDF that doesn't demand extra plates?
> Or doesn't it matter?
> --
> Steve

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