As a follow-on to this topic, our "proper" solution would probably be to update 
all the relevant paragraph formats in all the templates to use Minion Pro 
rather than Minion Web. I don't suppose anyone would know of a quick way to do 
this en masse? 

I have ways to remap formats to new formats using a plugin from Silicon Prairie 
(Paragraph conversion) or a script from Rick Quatro 
(FindChangeFormatsBatch.fsl), but I don't know of a way to just change the font 
family in a list of paragraph formats. Any recommendations/ideas??


"Combs, Richard" <richard.combs at> wrote:
The Minion Pro family has both bold and semibold italic faces. Minion
Web is based on that, just optimized for on-line use -- thicker serifs
and some line weights. A boldface would benefit less from such
optimization (which may explain why it's not included), so you should be
able to use one of the Minion Pro faces just fine. You may even be able
to map it in maker.ini (if you're on Windows) so that your existing char
format works. 


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