That's a valid point. We're delivering content as PDF primarily. Most of our 
users like to have the docs available as soft copies but prefer to work from 
printed copies, sometimes only printing pages relevant to their current task or 
an unfamiliar task. 

The web content that we deliver is created with WWP Pro, so it would use the 
fonts specified in the associated WWP template, regardless of what we change in 
the FM templates, because we don't use pass-through formatting anywhere.

I guess I'll try the Global Update route for now.

Thanks for the tip about Generate Format Samples. In conjunction with Generate 
Paragraph Tag Report (SP), this tool will also serve as a quick way to get the 
necessary information for updating our Standards & Styles Guide. ;-) I'll 
submit that purchase req!


"Combs, Richard" <richard.combs at> wrote:If you create instances 
of all the pgf formats you want to change, one
after the other, you can select all those pgfs. Then in Paragraph
Designer, change the font family and click Commands > Global Update
Options. In the dialog, select All Matching Tags in Selection and click

I only know of one shortcut way of creating all the pgf instances:
Enhance ( has a Generate Format Samples
command that does exactly that. I think you can download a free trial. 

But are you sure that's the proper solution? If you're delivering web
content, the Minion Web regular, and especially italic, faces will be
easier to read than the Pro versions. 


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