Your insinuation that I give my advice wrt/ multiple
versions of Acrobat installed in parallel as an "attempt
to coerce everyone to keep up with the latest offering"
is highly insulting and couldn't be farther from the

        - Dov 

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> multiplereleases [was "RE: Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0"]
> FWIW, what you say should work for Acrobat does work for me 
> now. I have been using this approach for a number of years 
> without any apparent problem. I keep hearing that others have 
> problems, but I have no idea specifically what they are--and 
> in any case, I apparently do not. 
> Is it possible that all the hullaballoo is just Adobe's 
> attempt to coerce everyone to keep up with the latest 
> offering, so they do not have to continue to support older 
> versions any longer than absolutely necessary?
> Just wondering...
> Chuck

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