At 13:54 +0100 8/11/06, Karen Mardahl wrote:

>Once I check "Automatic Change Bars" for all files in a book,
>shouldn't that check mark stick forever (until I uncheck it)?
>I have some nitpicking changes to make throughout a book. The other
>day I checked this item. I made changes. Changes are marked in the
>files, but now there is no checkmark in this box.
>I am nervous about losing any of the change bars I do have. I just
>experimented with one file. Added a checkmark, saved, closed Frame,
>opened. The checkmark is still there. Why are the checkmarks made the
>other day gone? Will change bars remain in place when I check this
>item once more?

Importing document properties can clear the automatic change bars checkmark. I 
do not know for sure, but I expect that importing paragraph tags with override 
set can clear change bars from the document itself, but otherwise only you can, 
by selecting 'Clear all change bars' explicitly.


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