Hello Framers,
I once already posted this question but never got any sensible answer. 
Posting it again in hopes someone actually came across a solution to this 
XP SP2, FM 7.1 non-structured.
Unicode fonts like arial, times new roman and courier do not display any 
other map than Latin. Meaning Arial is one font on a system. In FrameMaker 
it appears as Arial CYR, Arial Baltic, Arial Greek, Arial TUR, etc. Same for 
the rest of the mentioned fonts. In theory when one changes it to the needed 
version the font picks up the needed map and displays say Greek or Baltic 
characters. When I was on Win2000 this was not an issue - in XP I can't get 
a stable result. I have about 16 different machines and half of them have 
this problem - others don't. All have installations of the same XP system 
and SP2. Problem seems to stem from Windows itself as I tried practically 
everything to fix it and be able to use unicode fonts without creating a 
whole bunch of fonts to replace them. But where it Windows it is I don't 
Any thoughts?
P.S. I'm fighting this one for over a year and couldn't come up with 
anything sensible. Help me out of this misery please....

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