Thx Fred,

I had allowed for the name change and didn't use Save As with v6.0 -- 
but your other points (especially the FILE port, which I don't remember 
seeing) look very promising.

I've been putting off doing a full re-build with XP Pro; looks like that 
has marched itself up my priority list too :)

I'll post the results -- and thx again.


Fred Ridder wrote:
> There are a couple of potential gotchas. Either or both (or
> neither...) could be the cause of your problem. Or it could
> be related to your practice of configuring from existing
> images rather than doing clean installations (which I have
> always found to be a much more trouble-free approach).
> Unless you have a specific reason to stick with Windows 2000,
> you might want to consider starting over with a clean XP
> installation; Microsoft no longer actively supports Win2000
> which means that they are no longer making any effort to
> plug any more of its security holes (although the freedom
> from all those "critical" security update notices may be a
> welcome thing to many users...).
> Anyway, the two common Acrobat upgrade gotchas:
> The name of the Acrobat virtual printer was changed after
> Acrobat 5.0.  New versions of Acrobat name it "Adobe PDF"
> rather "Acrobat Distiller", and if your FrameMaker installations
> may still be looking for the older name.
> The Acrobat 7.0 installation has been known to corrupt the
> definition of the default FILE: port, which appears to be
> necessary for the Save As PDF feature to work properly. Make
> sure that there is a port defined with exactly that name:
> FILE: (in all caps and with a full colon after it).
> And at the risk of restarting a minor holy war, I assume that
> you are aware of the drawbacks of using the Save As PDF
> mechanism with on a Windows box with versions of FrameMaker
> prior to 7.0. Even with 7.0, there are still some funky issues,
> and my personal recommendation is to use the free SetPrint
> plugin from Sundorne Communications (
> which allows you to set the Adobe PDF printer as FrameMaker's
> default printer regardless of what printer you have set as your
> Windows default.

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