Hi Mathieu,

I don't know how you have your images folder set up, but if you have it
set up as a subfolder to your book, I would think it would then be easy
to just copy the images folder to each target folder. Then you can
replace the images that involve translations, keeping the same filename
for each replacement image file. As long as you are calling the images
by reference, the translated files should then call the correct
replacement images. 

Does that make sense? Does it help?

Hope so,
Chuck Beck

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Subject: Folder organisation for multilingual translation projects
(FM,Trados, STagger)

Hi all,


Now comes the problem of translated images. How do you organise your
Images folder without having to open each file and relink every image?
Does the solution consist in splitting your project into 4 distinct
Projects (Project_L[1-4]), each containing the source FM files
(Book_Source) and Images folder? Or do you use a completely different

Any help appreciated!


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