That seems odd... So you actively replace the files on the webserver
but it still returns the old file? Have you tried calling a priest?

On 11/15/06, Doug <dbailey4117 at> wrote:
> After I upload a file update to my webserver, I like to test the
> upload by downloading it using Internet Explorer.  However, the file I
> download is always the original version, not the update.  FireFox
> doesn't suffer this problem.  If I give the update a different name,
> even if it's only one letter different, I'm able to download the
> update.  But if the name is the same then the earlier version is what
> gets downloaded.  This occurs even if I delete the earlier version
> before I upload the update, so it makes me think that IE is sending me
> a cached copy of the earlier version.  However, clearing my cache
> doesn't help.

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