You need to have an additional rule in the conversion table to map the
individual paragraph-level elements into the root element, thusly
(columns 1 and 2 of a conversion table show for brevity):

Map this object                       Into this element
------------------                    -----------------
ChapterName, Overview, Para              Chapter

That is, take the sequence of elements ChapterName followed by Overview
followed by Para and wrap them into a Chapter element.

The root element is not necessarily created automatically, and to depend
on the "RE:" (root element) entry in the conversion table may be
convenient but it is unfortunately not in any way a guarantee of correct
or complete structure in the converted file.  This is precisely the sort
of rules mapping elements into more complex structures to which I was
referring in my previous message on this:

"... but will not add the many additional and necessary rules to wrap
elements into more complex structures (such as the Procedure element in
the EDD provided)."

On Saturday, November 18, 2006 5:42 AM, Surbhi Singhal wrote:

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From: Gyanesh Talwar <>
Date: Nov 18, 2006 3:51 PM
Subject: Conversion Table again <NoName>: How to handle Root Element
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Hi Framers,

Further to my mail on element <NoName>,  I've brought down my document
EDD to three elements to zero-in on the problem and I believe it is
Root Element not being handled.

In Frame 7.0:

EDD                                          Document

Chapter (Root Element)
 -------------ChapterName                    ChapterName
 -------------Overview                       Overview
 -------------Para                           Para

In the conversion table, all elements are mapped to the proper para
except the root element (Chapter). Apparently, the root element chapter
not being handled and in place of that <NoName> is appearing. I can fix
by Re-Wrapping the elements in the document but am not able to figure
how I can avoid this problem altogether.

I am aware that in Frame 7.2, this can be handled with RE: , which is
working in 7.0.

Please suggest.

Gyanesh Talwar
"Bunbu Itchi"

- Lester
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