The mass corruption bothers me a lot... it'd point to something
systemic, like a BIG voltage spike (had any lightning storms lately),
physical hard drive problems... something like that.

When you're saying the backups are corrupt too, you mean the file, or the backups of the entire project?

If they're clean, restoring your last system backups is the best thing
to do because you haven't changed anything in 6 weeks.

If you're saying you didn't back up your work and all the files
involved are corrupted... to the point they won't open, or some info
inside is twisted, or something else?


On 11/20/06, Pinkham, Jim <Jim.Pinkham at> wrote:
> I have a folder with three versions of a manual (in subfolders) replete
> with conditional text, insets, and all the marvels of single sourcing. I
> haven't worked on these files for about 6 weeks. This morning all of
> them are coming up as corrupt, including the subfolders and the backups.
> Any ideas what might be causing this and how to fix it? Your help is
> much appreciated.
> Jim
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