Hi Egwin,

You can't use these building blocks in an autonumber to get the effect that 
you want. You can use a bunch of spaces at the end of the autonumber to 
force the text to the next line, but that may have side-effects that you 
don't want. Or, you can use two separate paragraphs.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hello Framers,
> I work with FrameMaker 7.0 on Windows XP platform.
> In my document i would like to autonumber like this:
> 1.
> xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx
> 2.
> xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx
> My autonumber format contains "<n+>.", but how can i generate the line
> break.
> I tried \n and \r but that did not work.
> Can someone help..?
> Thanks,
> Egwin
> _______________________________________________

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