Occasionally a chapter file ends on a right page (odd-numbered). Because 
the pagination is set to even number of pages, the default Left master is 
applied to the final left page (even-numbered) of the chapter.  We would 
like to apply a special master page devoid of running heads and feet, 
except for the page number.

Is there any inbuilt capabilty in FrameMaker for automatically applying or 
removing this final custom page depending on whether the page count is odd 
or even?  I looked at the MasterPageMap table approach but this only 
triggers on a paragraph format.  By definition, the flow symbol will be on 
the immediately preceding right page, so there would be NO paragraph on 
the last even page to trigger on.

Is there some way to do this automagically?  Or do I have to write a 
FrameScript event routine to check all component files in a book and 
apply/remove the last custom page on Update Book or whatever.  I suppose 
writers COULD ensure that a special para appeared on the last even page 
but then that's one more manual job to do before generating a PDF which 
they don't need.


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