Do you want to make separate PDF files for each document in the book? I 
would assume that for the references to work, all the PDFs would have to be 
in the same directory. Otherwise, links would break.

If you don't need separate PDF files, deselect "Save Book as...  Separate 
File for each document" and then generate the entire Book as a PDF.


David Schor
(no longer working at Emblaze-VCON)
davelis at

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From: "Carol Wade" <>
To: <framers at>
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 11:42 PM
Subject: Printing Chapters to Separate files;Was: Links not working in Adobe

I have identified the problem I was having with links not working among
separate PDFs. The problem resulted from generating the PDFs from a
FrameMaker book file. I must not understand the Print dialog box option
"Save Book as...  Separate File for each document." Although this does
create separate PDFs, the links all reference the filename entered in
the box "Print to File." Obviously then the links are then broken.

Can anyone explain to me what I am misunderstanding or tell me how to
make this work?


From: Carol Wade
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 11:30 AM
To: 'framers at'
Subject: RE: Links not working in Adobe

I should clarify that the crossreferences referred to in my earlier
email have nothing to do with index entries.




From: Carol Wade
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 10:26 AM
To: 'framers at'
Subject: Links not working in Adobe

I have created separate FrameMaker documents that cross-reference each
other. At a point, the links were working in the generated PDFs (Named
Destinations and Generate Actobat Data are selected). Now, none of them
work. (I have now added crossreferences to the master pages, but don't
think this has anything to do with the problem.)

It seems that I must be doing something wrong that should be obvious,
such as not selecting Named Destinations and Generate Actobat Data, but
I don't know what else to look for.

I converted a document to MIF, and it appears that at least one path is
incorrect, if that is what is meat by "<XRefSrcFile
`<c\>'>," because the absoulte path whould be
c:\CustomerDocs\NewUserDocumentation. This is also wrong for a relative
path, if "<c\>" resolves to "c:\."

I'm using FrameMaker 7.0 and Acrobat Distiller 7.0.7.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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