Mac OS X 10.4.8, AdobePS 8.8.0, Acrobat 6 Pro, FrameMaker 6 and 7.0 for Mac.

History: I have taken over a dozen grayscale books to press using a FrameMaker 
6 + AdobePS -> PDF workflow, without pain or any objections from printers.

Now, I output a FrameMaker 6 greyscale book and the printers complain that it's 
full of RGB objects - which it isn't.

Acrobat 6 Pro's separations preview shows only CMYK and three spot grays, as 
expected and intended. However, if I run 6 Pro's '4c+spot' test, it objects to 
*every single item of text*, complaining that it is neither 4c nor spot.

If I take a sample chapter into FrameMaker 7 and repeat the output,the 4c+spot 
test passes.

The only significant event that has occurred since successful output of 
greyscale books is the installation of FrameMaker 7.0 on the same machine. 

My questions:

. I am wondering if this is related at all to the CMYK black problem I posted 
previously (FrameMaker 6 default black is CMYK, FrameMaker 7 default black is 
100% K).

. Could there be anything about the installation of FrameMaker 7.0 that could 
mess with a FrameMaker 6 + AdobePS -> PDF workflow?

Thanks in advance.

Steve [foxed]

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