I have a couple of clients using Maxit by SMART Software. We understand
that the SMART Maxit Checker is fully integrated into FM 7.2 by the FDK.
Consequently, the tool allows edit-in-place, runs very quickly and is
easy to use.

SMART offers a free QuickLook on a few pages to show the results in
their FM Viewing tool. SMART offers evaluation copies, but only if you
ask for them. (You won't find a "free download" on the web page.)  A
good grammar checker for Simplified English or Controlled English
requires a custom dictionary, hence the evals need some dictionary
adjustment for each domain. Take a look at

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>Is anyone here attempting to write Simplified English, and if so, what
>tools are you using?  I see that I can get tools from about $300 (stand
>alone) all the way up to about $3000 (fully integrated with Frame).  I
>hate to spend $3K on an integrated tool without being able to test it
>first, but the stand alone tool seems a bit limiting.  Any suggestions
>are appreciated. 
>Steve Cavanaugh
>Sr. Technical Writer
>NAT Seattle Inc.

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