One caveat concerning the procedure below. If you happen to have a
multi-page table the default LH master will get applied. It appears the
Apply Master Page function does not recognize paragraph tags present in
Anyone find out differently? It would solve a problem I've been having.

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Hedley Finger wrote: 

> Occasionally a chapter file ends on a right page (odd-numbered). 
> Because the pagination is set to even number of pages, the default 
> Left master is applied to the final left page (even-numbered) of the 
> chapter.  We would like to apply a special master page devoid of 
> running heads and feet, except for the page number.

Uh oh, we're getting perilously close to an "intentionally left blank"
thread. Dan Emory, I promise to restrain myself if you will, too! ;-)

Hedley, someone once suggested a bass-ackwards way to do it with master page
mapping. Specify a custom left master page invoked by the presence of any
pgf format. Set up the default Left page the way you want the final left
page to look. If there is no pgf on the page to trigger the custom master
page, FM will use the default. 

I haven't used master page mapping at all, so I can't vouch for the process,
but it sounds like it should work. Whether it's more or less fussy than
using MasterPage Tools or a FrameScript, I can't say. They all sound too
fussy for my tastes, so my empty left pages use the same master page as the
non-empty ones. :-)


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