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>What can cause the message:
>'Cannot export graphics or equation contents. Check the element mapping and 
>and failure to export graphics with XML export?
>I am exporting to XML without a structured application in place, as this is 
>one-way only. (Maybe not a great idea?) The documents are all valid, and the 
>exported XML looks ok, but as far as I can see none of the imported graphics 
>files are exported. The majority of imported graphics are EPS format.

After half a day of documentation thrashing and cerebral overload, I think I 
now know part of the reason for this: I should have included a filepath 
attribute in the EDD for imported graphics. Adding one at least gets a file id 
into the XML... even though I still get the error. Grrr.

Another possible problem is that the Structured Developer's Guide lists 'EPSB', 
'EPSD', 'EPSF' and 'EPSI' as exportable, but not plain old 'EPS'. We are 
working with EPSs from Adobe Illustrator.

I've also encountered an issue with element naming: we used the bullet 
character to distinguish top-level elements, as in 'Chapter*', and FrameMaker 
doesn't seem to like this, and appears to be reading the element name only to 
the character immediately preceding the bullet. Maybe it's because bullet isn't 
allowed in XML?

Onwards and upwards...


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