Struggling with a structured app here...

I have tried to pare everything down to the minimum. The element definition;

Element (Container): TableofContents
General rule:   ChapterNumber, <TEXT>
Valid as the highest-level element.
Automatic insertions
Automatically insert child:     ChapterNumber

in the EDD translates to:

<!ELEMENT TableofContents 
                     (ChapterNumber, #PCDATA) >

in the DTD.

Having set up a structured app, when saving a valid file to XML (which does not 
in fact contain this element), the XML parser errors on the '#' character of 
'#PCDATA', saying 'Expected an element name'.

Lots of other errors follow, but the first is maybe the most significant.

What am I doing wrong? My reading of the struct app dev guide is that <TEXT> 
elements are converted to #PCDATA on export to XML.


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