In FrameMaker, text flow and positioning properties are associated
with named paragraph formats (paragraph tags) or applied to individual
paragraphs as format overrides (which are generally considered to be
a poor practice because they compromise your ability to change the
appearance of your documents by importing formats from templates
or other documents).  

To set a paragraph to appear at the top of its column, start with the
insertion point in the paragraph in question.  Then open the Paragraph 
Designer (Format>Paragraph>Designer or Ctrl+M) and choose the 
Pagination property tab.  In the "Start" list box, choose "Top of 

But now comes the crucial step, which how you wish to apply this 
formatting.  If the paragraph you are using for your "name of 
person" string already has its own paragraph tag, you can click 
"Update All" to associate the start at top of column property with
that paragraph tag and apply the formatting to all such paragraphs.
If the name string is in a paragraph that has some generic tag (e.g.
Body), you should define a new, specialized tag that incorporates
your formatting by clicking the Commands button and choosing
"New Format". Or you can take the quick and dirty approach of 
applying the top of column property as a format override for this 
specific paragraph by clicking the "Apply" button.

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Hi Framers:
I need to attach "a top of column" tag to a specific string of text, e.g

"name of person". I can do this in PageMaker but am a newbie to
and am battling at the bottom of the learning curve.

Newbie Shell

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