The most common cause of mis-ordered PDF bookmarks (and
specifically chapter headings that are in the wrong place relative
to section headings) is the use of separate text frames that
are not connected in the same flow. Is your chapter title
positioned in the main text flow or in a separate frame? If it's
in a separate frame, is that frame part of the same flow as
the text, and is it connected to the beginning of the flow?
If not, there's your problem--FrameMaker scans the default
flow in a chapter file first, then any other flows that were
added but not properly connected to the main flow.

As to the index separators showing up in the bookmarks,
the first question is whether these separators use the same
paragraph tag as some other heading that you *want* in
the bookmarks. If so, you need to retag the separators
to a different style that is not in the "Include" list in the
PDF Setup dialog. But if the separators have an appropriate
tag name, the thing to check is the PDF Setup dialog *in*
*the*index*file* itself, rather than just the book's PDF
Setup dialog. One of the undocumented features of
FrameMaker is that you can specify additional tags to
include in the PDF bookmarks on a file-by-file basis by
including them in the *file-level* PDF Setup. Adding a
tag in the book-level PDF Setup ripples down into the
PDF Setup properties for the individual component files,
but changes in the individual files do not propagate
upwards to the book-level properties.

>From: "Loren R. Elks" <lelks at>
>To: <Framers at>, <framers at>
>Subject: Header and other issues with FM 7.2 - Ideas requested
>Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 13:37:10 -0400
>We PDF multi-chapter, multi-header books using Framemaker 7.2 and Adobe
>Professional 7.0.8. We set up the bookmarks by chapter title and the
>first two heading styles. The bookmarks in the PDF docs correctly divide
>by chapter, but the heading1 and heading2 entries decide inconsistently
>to show up under the wrong chapter. Perhaps most visually distracting of
>all, the various alphabetical headers in the Index show up as a list of
>heading1s under the final body chapter in the Acrobat bookmarks panel.
>Can anyone help me with what we should do?
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