I believe that you are still getting color in your PDF because
you are not using spot colors in your document. I would quess
that the red you are using for your red text is defined as a
process color rather than a spot color, and is therefore not
affected by the "Spot Color as Black/White" option in the
FrameMaker Print dialog. And graphics would only use spot
colors if they are drawn with the FrameMaker drawing tools
and use only colors that are defined as spot colors. Imported
graphic objects always use process colors.

If you need to produce a non-color PDF, the way to do it is
to is choose the "Black & White" option on the Paper/Quality
tab of the Adobe PDF Document Properties dialog for the
Adobe PDF virtual printer. You get to this dialog from the
"Setup" button in the print dialog or from the File>Print Setup

But note that if any of your graphics are in EPS or PDF format,
this printer setup option will *not* strip the color out of those
graphics because the printer driver passes through the embedded
chunks of code that represent the graphics without doing any
processing on them. The printer setup option will strip the color
from other types of graphics, though (GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc.)

>From: "Eduardo F. Cidade, Sr." <ecidade at zoominternet.net>
>Reply-To: ecidade at zoominternet.net
>To: <framers at lists.frameusers.com>
>Subject: Spot Color Printing Problem
>Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 10:06:37 -0400
>Good morning from beautiful Beaver County, Western PA
>First the setup:
>Frame 7.0p578, Acrobat 5.05, WXP Standard
>Next the document:
>Have a small document with some red text and color graphics.
>Now the problem:
>Printing to a postscript file, I turn the "Spot Color as Black/White"
>Document prints to a postscript file
>I render said postscript through Distiller
>Produces a PDF successfully, only the color is still in color, not in
>Any ever encounter this?  In 10 years of using FrameMaker, this is a first
>for yours truly.
>Thanks and all the best
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