Hi all,

I'm at the indexing stage of a 400 page book for a product I hadn't worked with 
for about 3 years (so no memory of what I indexed before). The manual has also 
been totally restructured, and many features superseded by different ones. Now 
I'm looking at building the index, and the 'old', manual way is probably not 
going to work for me too well.

The minimum I'd like is to see index entries inline. Anything extra is gravy, 
but I'm not convinced I do need much extra, so if I can see and work with 
entries inline (a View option?) for cheap/free, I'd start there. But if I have 
to pay for this feature, can you all recommend a product that has the best 
combination of other, extra features for the price?

I've so far found:

http://www.fsatools.com/ - IXgen (comparatively more costly, lots of features, 
but would I use them all?)
http://www.leximation.com/tools/info/markertools.php - Leximation marker tools, 
less costly, but I have more trouble seeing the usefulness of some of the 
http://www.siliconprairiesoftware.com/Products.html  -Silicon Prairie index 
tools, cheapest, but doesn't seem to link directly into the frame marker 
system, does some other kind of marker?

Anyway, I realize this is a regular question, so I do appreciate any time taken 
to send suggestions. Succinct, bulleted lists would be sufficient.


Kevin Hunter
ESDI, Victoria BC

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