How many pages can a technical writer produce in x amount of time? It
depends. If you've been with your current employer for a while and
you've already completed several projects (manuals), then you could
gather metrics from what you've already produced to create an average
hours-per-page formula.

jan e patterson
sr technical writer - environmental systems products - tucson, AZ

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  Is anyone aware of a formula for how many words/pages a Tech Writer
can produce in a given period of time? I am being asked to take on
additional manuals and upper management wants some numbers to justify
additional head count that will be needed. I can probably come up with
an estimate based on what we produce today, but I was wondering if some
kind of standard already exists.

  Thank you
  Courtney Collins
  Tech Pubs Supervisor
  Patient Monitoring Division
  Datascope Corp.
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