Microsoft Windows 2000 5.00.2195 Service Pack 4. FrameMaker 6.0p405. 
Acrobat Professional 7.0.8

I'm trying to create a mailto: link in FrameMaker that will be active in 
the PDF.

I chose Special >> Hypertext..

In the Hypertext dialog, I selected Go To URL.

In the Syntax area I typed:

message URL "mailto:Thin.Film at Film Help"

Then I PDF the document.

When I click on the link in the PDF, my Lotus Notes opens, but the To: 
field is Film at (it should be Thin.Film at 

There is nothing in the Subject: field (there should be Thin Film Help).

And my Internet Explorer browser opens, too, with a Action Cancelled error 
screen (and mailto:Film at is in the address field). I do not 
want the browser to open.

What am I doing wrong? 


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