Wouldn't it be wonderful if it could be done with a "... click here,
there, and everywhere..."

I won't say it can't be done, because it can, but not with a couple of
clicks. Acrobat can SaveAs RTF, Frame can import Word; saving your PDF
as RTF, opening this in Word and saving it, gives you a way to get the
content back into Frame.

Now comes the fun part, reapplying all your tags/elements, reimporting
all your graphics (which have now been mangled by Words method of
handling graphics).

If anyone knows of a way to "easily" go from Frame to PDF to Frame,
please chime in. This would be an invaluable tool.

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Subject: Frame-to-PDF-to-Frame

Good morning from the USA.

I was discussing with an associate the merits of converting a PDF to
FrameMaker.  The object, of course, being that it would take time for
type of conversion since there is no known methodology of
"round-tripping" a
FrameMaker-to-PDF-to-FrameMaker document.

My associate then informed me that someone told him it was entirely
to do this.  He did not get a name to go along with this revelation.
much discussion and some research, I still cannot find the answer.

So I ask my fellow Acrobats, Frame Templars, and those who I believe are
the know about FrameMaker the same question:

"Is it possible to round-trip a document from
FrameMaker-to-PDF-to-FrameMaker?" and...
"if it is possible, is it easy (click here, there, and everywhere)"


Does the same methodology of converting from PDF to FrameMaker
time, money, and efforting.

Puzzled in Western Pennsylvania

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