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>Charles Grinnell wrote:
>> Anyone knows whether Frame2000 is still available for
>> purchase? Thanks in advance!
>Huh? What's a Frame2000?
>It's not a FrameMaker version -- those are (going back to mid-90s)
>5.5.6, 6, 7, 7.1, and 7.2.

It is, or was, a plug-in. Found this in the archives, not sure if it helps...

>       *       To: "Free Framers" <framers at xxxxxxxxx>
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>       *       Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 16:31:31 +0200
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>From: Dov Isaacs <isaacs at xxxxxxxxx>
>> At 6/10/2004 11:28 PM, Dhanagopal, Kumar S wrote:
>> > I use FM7.1.b023 (on Win XP) on which I need to install a 3rd party
>> > plug-in called Frame2000. The vendor of this plug-in says that the
>> > plug-in works only with FM7.1.P114. According to Adobe Tech Support,
>> > FM7.1.P114 does not exist. The vendor of the plug-in insists that an
>> > upgrade/patch is available from Adobe.
>> Please tell the developer of your plug-in that there is absolutely
>> no "upgrade/patch" available from Adobe or elsewhere from
>> FrameMaker 7.1 b023. That version is indeed the official English
>> released version of FrameMaker 7.1. There may be later builds for
>> other languages, but any differences are associated with localization,
>> not functionality or bug fixes.
>It's not often that I can say that Dov is wrong, but now it seems
>to be the case. There *is* indeed a version FM 7.1 p114, which can
>be delivered in two situations, A and B:

[remainder not relevant to Frame2000]


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