For *any* book-level operation (updating, printing, etc.) to 
succeed, FrameMaker has to be able to open, save, and 
close each file "silently" (not displaying the file) with no 
messages. Any warning message upon opening any file 
(e.g., the "older version" message you report, an unresolved 
cross-reference warning, an unavailable fonts alert) will 
prevent FrameMaker from completing the "silent open" 
operation and cause the book-level operation to fail. 

Assuming that one or more of the component files in the 
book are version 5.5.x files, you have two options:

1) Open each component file in turn (dismissing the alert
message) and then explicitly save the file to convert it 
to 7.0 format so that it will open without any message the 
next time you attempt a book-level operation.

2) Open all the component files before doing the book-level
operation by using the Open All Files in Book command 
(available if you hold down Shift when you pull down the 
File menu).  You will have to manually dismiss the warning 
message for each file as it is opened. And don't forget to 
save all the files (in 7.0 format) after performing the 
book-level operation.

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  I use FM 7.1 with Windows XP.

  I got a 500 page FM Book with 16 files including TOC and Index. When I
opened it was detected to be of version 5.5. I was also prompted to
Optimize for PDF size during conversion to pdf. But when doing that
(selecting the book), the files to which "Links are found" are opened. I
press 'OK' to open all the files. But the operation fails telling 

  [PDFSize]  Error: Cannot open file 
  Error: Cannot open file
[PDFSize] Dumping Error Information

  If I Skip this file, same error is displayed for another file.
  What is wrong in what I am doing? How do I get the optimization done?
Other than the size of PDF, how does it affect conversion to pdf.


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