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> I'm sure there is a simple answer, but I have been unable to figure it out.
> My client wants one section of a particular chapter to be in columns,
> instead of the full page width text of the rest of the chapter.  This
> section will extend over several pages, and will probably have things
> added and deleted as we continue editing the document.  They want the
> columns to flow like a newspaper - filling both columns on one page
> before moving on to the next.
> I've tried using a 2-column master page, but the columns need to
> start in the middle of a page, so I don't think that's going to work.
> What am I missing?

Nothing, I guess.

This is something that is not a concept that FrameMaker is built
around. It is built around more monotonous flowing of text and
contents. However there are ways to do this, but I know of none that
is in any way elegant. You will always have to control the shift by
hand. We have no "section break" here.

You will probably need two master pages, one as the one you have
already made, the straight 2-column page, and then another one with
three separate frames, the one in top in full width and two frames
below that one with the same width and space between them as in the
2-column frame. You would have to connect the frames to each other in
the right order.

Maybe you will need the third master page to close the columns with
two frames at the top to form the columns and one in full width at the

Finally, you would have to tweak the frames (preferably on the master
page) when you have the final contents ready, so that the shifting is
on the right spot (start and end).

Clumsy, but the only way I know to do it.


Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

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