Sorry, Kay, but this useful trick (which was also suggested by Mark Southee,
Rick Quatro, and Winifred Reng) is not going to do what Peter needs.

Peter complains that Text is the *third* option in his Paste Special dialog,
and that fact indicates that he is cutting (or copying) and pasting
content from *within*FrameMaker*. If he were pasting content from
an external application (e.g. MS Word) via the Windows clipboard,
the Text option would be the more like the fifth or sixth item in the list.

The problem is that the ClipboardFormatsPriorities item in maker.ini only
affects pasting from the Windows clipboard.  It does *not* affect the
paste operation for content that is coming from a FrameMaker file.
The only way to paste FrameMaker content as unformatted text is to
use Paste Special.  And that's why Peter wants to change the order
of items in that dialog's list.  Unfortunately, I don't believe that there
is any way to alter that list, particularly since it is a context-sensitive 
The ClipboardFormatsPriorities parameter does not affect the order of
items in the Paste Special dialog's list; it only affects the behavior of
the standard paste command (e.g. Ctrl+P) so that you don't have
to use Paste Special as often.

It's also important to remember that maker.ini does not exist in the Mac
version of FrameMaker, so that this ClipboardFormatsPriorities trick is
useless on that platform.

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder
Parsippany, NJ

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>Subject: RE: paste special ...text option
>Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 09:08:41 -0400
>Hi Pete:
>This may be adjusted in the "maker.ini" file within your FrameMaker install
>folder.  The maker.ini is a text file so you can easily open it in a tool
>like Notepad and edit it.
>By moving TEXT to the start of the line:
>ClipboardFormatsPriorities=FILE, OLE 2, EMF, META, DIB, BMP, MIF, RTF, TEXT
>you are able to change Frame's behavior so that a regular Paste will paste
>as text and you don't have to do Paste Special.
>Good luck,
>PS - backup your maker.ini file before making changes.
>Kay Ethier
>Senior Trainer & Consultant
>Bright Path Solutions
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>-----Original Message-----
>From: Peter Rule
>Hello framers,
>Does anyone know of a way to default "text" as the first option on the
>"paste-special" option box.  "text" is currently third in the list and I
>would love for it to be first (saving me having to select it).
>Any help appreciated.
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