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>I've got a link to a url that is being encoded by Acrobat, and not working 
>when I click on it.
>For example, the marker has "message URL 
>"; and the tilde is being encoded 
>to %7E when the link is clicked, but appears as "~" in the PDF. If I 
>manually paste the link (with ~ intact) it works fine.
>Any  ideas? Is this a problem with my PDF or the target webserver?

I see the same encoding of tilde as %7E when web links of different types 
are activated in Acrobat, whether inserted in FM or in Acrobat (regular 
links or JavaScript actions). But regardless of this encoding, the links 
are resolved properly. It seems, therefore, that the problem is related to 
the specific addresses or target servers.

Shlomo Perets

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