Scott White wrote:
> I've looked through the book and I'm a little stumped.
> How do you capture a change to the data assigned a specific paragraph tag so
> you can search on that change?
> I have a catalog that uses a certain paragraph tag "cellprice" to display
> pricing for an item. The paragraph tag "cellitem" is used to identify the
> unique item within a catalog that uses the "cellprice" tag. How can I assign
> a variable to that so when the price changes from an update or manually
> manipulated, I can find that change for the item? Can I export and/or print
> a list of all items where the combination "cellprice and cellitem" tags have
> changed by date?
> Thanks for your help.
> Frame 7.0 Mac OS 10 Tiger, Frame 7.2 Windows XP.

I'm not sure I fully understand how your updates are occurring, but I 
think the feature you're looking for is File > Utilities > Compare 
Documents. Have a look at the user guide or Help files on that topic.

(I'm thinking that if your document updates from a database, you might 
have to turn off automatic updates and save a stable "previous" version 
to compare with the updated version, but I don't have experience with FM 
and databases.)


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