Rick, David, Radha:

> Radha Padmanabhan wrote: 
> >   I have got a FM book with about 50 chapters (files). But 
> > they are logically grouped as 5 guides. All chapters in all 
> > guides have footers with Product Name, Release No. and Date 
> > and Guide identification. For each guide, the footer has a 
> > User Variable-DocumentNumebr. Its value is partially 
> > different for each guide. Every time there is a release, the 
> > variable value changes. I am having to edit the master page 
> > of each of 50 chapters manually. 
> > 
> >   Is there a possibility to change the value of the variable 
> > from book level for a range of chapters?

Aren't we forgetting the <$volnum> numbering builder?  It works just like 
<$chapnum> and can be used everywhere that numbering builder can be used. 
Just insert a user variable containing <$volnum>, then select all the book 
components that belong to a single guide and set <$volnum> to a fixed 
value for all the selected components in the group.


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