you don't say which version of FrameMaker or platform you are using,
which is always helpful.

FrameMaker has provided (and encouraged) using a special chapter number
variable (<$chapnum> in the list of building blocks under the numbering
properties of the paragraph designer) since version 6.0 instead of the
regular counters such as you indicate. 

This variable is set by selecting the file(s) in question at the book
level and opening the Format > Document > Numbering dialog and setting
the desired values on the "Chapter" tab.  I would expect the
Introduciton may not display a chapter number, Chapter 1 would be set
explicitly as 1 in a numeric format, and chapter 2 and 3 would be set as
"Continue Numbering from Previous File in Book"

However, using the "C:Chapter\ <n+>" style should succeed if the book is
properly setup.  You have to be sure that the files are set to continue
numbering from the previous file, and that the book is updated after
setting that. 

Also watch out for any other paragraph tag in the same "C:" series that
resets the first numbering counter.  Try adding another "chapter number"
paragraph at the end of a file and see if it increments.  If not, some
other tag is indeed resetting the counter in the file.

As for the next paragraph style, double-check that in the paragraph
designer under BASIC properties in the lower right-hand corner, the
check box for "Next Pgf Tag" is checked and that the case- and
space-sensitive paragraph tag matches exactly the desired "Chapter Name"

On  Friday, October 13, 2006 10:06 AM, Sam Beard wrote:

|    I'm just getting into a new job, taking over from someone who was
| basically thrust into the position and did the best she could, but
| didn't know much about Frame. I'm creating a document template for all
| of our documents, basing it on one of the existing documents, since
| management likes at least certain aspects of it. I'm having a few
| problems with that process. The current one deals with 
| Chapter Name and
| Chapter Number tags. I have a book file with three chapters and one
| introduction chapter. The Chapter Number tag is coded as such:
| C:Chapter\ <n+>. This SHOULD be starting the chapter numbers at 1 for
| the first one and incrementing as they go along. I also have 
| selected a
| tag of Chapter Name to be the follow-up paragraph. However, in the
| template, as a test, the next paragraph tag after pressing Enter is
| another Chapter Number tag. Also, I've updated the book and the three
| individual chapters are all numbered at 1. Any ideas on these issues
| would be GREATLY appreciated!
| Sam Beard
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