Has anyone used Framemaker for the purpose of generating a complete
reference set i.e., extensive use of volumes?  I would like to see if
someone can provide me with some direction on setting up a file
structure and/or any gotchas awaiting me for setting up this

I am faced with a project in which I think Framemaker was designed.  To
this point I have used framemake for the purpose of developing one book
but never multiple books i.e., using the volume feature for each of the
books.  This project is going to require that I produce a series of
books ie., maintenance procedures, safety procedures, code compliance
issues etc.,  for multiple plants/locations.  I would guess I am going
to need to develop about 10 volumes and to further complicate things
these volumes would need to be developed for multiple locations.  

My initial thought was to develop these documents and make extensive use
of variables (for the purpose of inserting the various plant names where
required) and conditional text to put information that is specific to
the particular plants.  As I mentioned I would be interested in any
information on doing a large project like this.  I have not been able to
find much online for this type of project.  Any help is greatly

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