Hi, Peter.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Peter Gold wrote:
> For editing purposes, you could define and apply a conditional text tag 
> whose text indicator (underline, overline, strikethrough) or color 
> (standard or one you define) would identify the inset. For more 
> information, search for conditional text in FrameMaker Help. After 
> editing, you can turn off conditional text indicators in Special > 
> Conditional Text > Show/Hide > uncheck Show Indicators. Marking the 
> content this way doesn't affect the text flow.

I will try the conditional text approach and see how well it does.
FWIW, at first blush, it seems like too much work, but ... no harm
trying it!

> You're not missing anything. To identify an inset, you can double click 
> it and get the information from the dialog box that appears.

Yes - that is what I do today. It is just too clumsy though! The dialog
box is never long enough, more clicks than necessary, etc. :(

> Both of your requests are great ideas to suggest to the FrameMaker 
> enhancement request link at Adobe.com.

Is there a URL or e-mail address for enhancement requests to Adobe?

> It would be terrific if hovering 
> the cursor over a text inset would display the source information, like 
> a tool tip. It would be a good idea to suggest that it can be turned off 
> as a user preference.



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