It wasn't a bug in Shlomo's tool; it was a deliberate design decision.
The issue was (and still is) a bug in FrameMaker itself which allows
the toolbar list box to display something other than the tag that is
applied to the current paragraph, making the display unreliable.
What Shlomo chose to do was hide the unreliable display while
still allowing you to pull down the list and select a different tag
to apply.

>From: Joe Malin <jmalin at>
>Reply-To: jmalin at
>To: framers at
>Subject: ToolbarPlus Express
>Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 20:31:07 -0700
>Interesting question regarding Shlomo's excellent ToolbarPlus Express
>tool. The tool originally had a "bug" where the Paragraph Tag dropdown
>box was nearly invisible. I know there's a fix for this, but I can't
>remember what it is. Can anyone help?
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