>>When I marked text as A and as B, and then I showed only A, the text 

You didn't conditionalize it correctly then, because if text is set to A
and B and you only show A, the text will show up. Turn on paragraph tags
and make sure the para tag reflects the proper condition.

-Gillian Flato

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I have three manuals that are mostly identical, Manual A, Manual B and 
Manual C (for example).I have 3 conditional text tags named A,B and C. 
When I print, I will need to able to show only A, B, or C, to get the 
features for that book.

The problem is that some features apply to both A and B, some only to A,

some to B and C. How do set up the conditional text to handle this?

When I marked text as A and as B, and then I showed only A, the text 
disappeared. This is not the desired result. So it seems like I will 
have to create additional cond text tags called "AandB," etc. Is this 
correct? Is there an easier way to do this?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

Shmuel Wolfson

Shmuel Wolfson


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