That's not what I said.  I changed every font to Arial in every file in
my book via MIF, using search/replace.  If I understand MIF, that should
have changed everything - Master Pages, Formats, etc.  Upon opening
those files, I got warnings that Frame was going to have to substitute
Times New Roman for Times.  Doing another MIF export, in several places
I found Times where I explicitly changed them to Arial.  Now this was
all before I discovered that fminit folder and its magical custom file.
That file was full of Times, so I assume that may be the source of my
trouble.  I'm not real clear yet on when that template takes precedence
or is applied to existing files.  I do see that it is documented in the
book, so I'll have to read up on that file.

Thanks for your help!

Steve Cavanaugh
Sr. Technical Writer
NAT Seattle Inc.

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At 11:35 AM 10/18/2006, Steve Cavanaugh wrote:
>Not only did it not stop it, Frame changed a number of them back to 
>Times after I reimported the files.

   Well, if you change something and then import formats from a file
that doesn't have the changes, you should expect the original settings
to be restored ...

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