To each his own, I guess. It doesn't bother me one whit, aesthetically
or any other way--in fact, quite the opposite, because, as I said
before, it signals to me that it was, in fact, NOT a misprint or misfeed
of paper, especially if both a running header AND footer are used. 

I respect the opinions and thoughts of others on this topic who have
contributed, but I can't help wondering if their offerings are based on
their own subjective experiences--as mine are, I admit freely--or more
objective research. For instance, why would anyone, seeing both a
printed header and footer (with no intervening content), assume or
suspect that there was a glitch in the printing process? It just doesn't
make sense to me. 

Obviously, there is no perfect solution here, only whatever one might
consider optimal. On that score, I stand by my original assertions and
happily acknowledge others' rights to do the same. 

Isn't freedom a wonderful thing?

Chuck Beck

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Isn't there also a matter of aethetics? An empty chapter end page
consisting only on a header and a footer is, in my estimation, an
eyesore and an embarrassment.

will white
There is something fascinating about science.
One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling
investment of fact. - Twain


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