I'm trying to set up the read/write rules for my XML files and have run
into a problem.

I've cheated a bit with DITA and am using the 'otherprops' attribute of
'table' to store the table format. 

I'm using this rule:

  attribute "otherprops" is fm property table format;

I set this attribute in Frame and also select the corresponding table
format (the same value). When I open the file in FM the attribute value
is lost, and the table is formatted correctly. 

I looked in the structured developers guide and found that this is as

   If you use the is fm property rule to translate a markup attribute to
a FrameMaker property, the markup attribute does not also appear as a
FrameMaker attribute.

My question is, is there a way to do this so that the markup attribute
does appear as a attribute of the element in Frame. I'd like to keep
this value so I can test it in the edd and format the text in the table

I could misuse another attribute and store my value in one, and the FM
table format in another. But I'd rather keep the misuse to a minimum.

Any ideas?



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