Does your client create a regular file first with all the
formatting for the index and names it something like
filenameIX.fm? And then he tries to add a FM generated index

Then he just has to skip the first step. He should create
an index file only via the "Add | Standard Index" command and
update the book. Then the index file is automatically created
and he can continue to format and configure the index file.

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> Subject: Double index file names
> I have a client who is building his index from a book of 
> files and when he
> goes to add the index file and hit update, he gets an error 
> that states:
> can't finsh creating the index there are duplicate 
> filenameIX.fm file names.
> He only sees the one that Frame is creating in the book. MAC 
> OS10, Frame 7.0
> running classic.
> Any help would be appreciated.
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