> One of my students has asked a question I've never encountered or thought 
> about before. He asks why he can type the letter "d" continuously and the 
> line will go all the way to the right margin, but if he types the letter 
> "x" continuously on a line, it wraps to the next line before reaching the 
> right margin. He points out that other letters end at different places and 
> then wrap to the next line. Any ideas?

In maker.ini, change DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics to ON. When it's off, Frame 
displays characters to best fit the pixels on your screen. It makes the 
characters look their best, fudging line length to do so.  When printer 
metrics are on, Frame spaces characters roughly according to the way they 
print. Justified text will all end exactly at the right margin, but 
individual characters may be crowded or poorly spaced on screen to make it 
so. I don't believe either setting affects the way a document prints-- only 
the way it displays. The effect varies according to the zoom level of the 
display. There is less fudging when displayed at 200% than at 100%, for 

I like to set DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics to on so that I get a realistic 
picture of line lengths. I can zoom in when I need to see accurate displays 
of kerning, stretch, etc.

Mike Wickham

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