Nandini G wrote: 

> Why hurt Muslims' feelings with creative expressions such as 
> Islamofascists?

Why should this hurt (non-fascist) Muslims' feelings? Shouldn't decent
Muslims be just as contemptuous of and outraged by these murderous
monsters as decent Christians, Buddhists, Hindi, atheists, and everyone
else whom they're trying to subjugate? 

Marcus Carr wrote: 

> I find this deeply offensive and totally inappropriate for 
> this list. I don't want to hear that it was tongue in cheek 

It was intended to clarify that my negative remarks about MIL specs
weren't engendered by an anti-military or anti-war bias. 

Why are you offended? Are you in favor of a totalitarian fundamentalist
Islamist state? Or are you one of those who believes we must be tolerant
of everything, even the execution by stoning of homosexuals and rape
victims, the extermination of Jews, the treatment of women as no better
than cattle or goats, ... ? 

No apology. 


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