Interesting idea. As you point out, though, you've lost the ability to 
increment formatting properties. Applying a paragraph format sets all 
paragraph properties, undoing anything you have inherited.
   Once you've gone to all the work of defining a paragraph format for each 
style you want, why not give up on the inherited formatting and just define 
the desired properties in the paragraph catalog?
   Alternatively, instead of two rules in each definition in your EDD, you 
could have two EDDs--one that uses hierarchical styles, one that uses the 
format catalogs. In fact, you can have the effect of two EDDs using 
conditional text in one file. Then, you'd hide the WebWorks version of the 
formatting rules when you are formatting your document. When you're ready 
to use WebWorks, you'd import element definitions from the variant EDD first.

At 02:09 AM 3/10/2006, Daniel Osborn wrote:
>Hi Framers,
>I'd like to ask your opinion on a workaround I've just found for using
>structured Frame with WebWorks ePublisher Pro 9.1
>At the moment, I have a problem with WebWorks ePublisher Pro as it
>doesn't support basing styles on elements.
>All my formatting is defined in the edd using the format change list. If
>I were using paragraph formatting in the edd, I could create empty
>paragraph formats in my FM docs by saying "Automatically create formats
>on import" at the top of the edd, then use these formats in WebWorks.
>I've been playing a bit and discovered that it seems like I can create
>the paragraph formats and continue to use the format change list.
>I declare each context rule twice (by copying the context rule I was
>using). In the first instance, I change "Use format change list" to "Use
>paragraph format". When I import the edd into my documents all the
>paragraph formats are created and the formatting is correct (based on
>the format change list).
>My question is, is this a sensible workaround? I'm not experienced
>enough with structured Frame or edds to know if this will have any
>unwanted consequences anywhere or to know what is really happening.
>There are some things that now don't work, for example, you can't adjust
>font sizes or indents using "Font size change" or "Move indent".
>I haven't changed everything yet as I would have to make quite a few
>changes to the edd (especially concerning lists) and before I do that,
>I'd like to hear any opinions on this.
>Many thanks for your help,
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